Oluwa BJ – Blessing

Oluwa BJ is a fast-rising Afrobeat artist based in Indiana USA. He takes us on a journey of his early life on his new single blessings. If you grew up in a Nigerian or African home you would relate to this song. He tells a tale of how difficult it was to get along with his parents during his childhood.

Oluwa BJ - Blessings

African parents are almost all alike when it comes to bringing up their children and Oluwa BJ does a great job in emphasizing it. I love the introspective nature of the song and I am confident you will enjoy it also.

I started from the bottom/ Eyin enemies calm down ke ma gboro/
See childhood e no easy/ Everyday P Man e too busy/
Big shout to my mama she stood as a mother and a father/
calm down let me take you back x 2 /
When I small I spoil many things…

Listen to the full track below

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