Nigerian Producer Akodaz Produces 4 Tracks on Atlanta Based Rapper Dub Bulloh’s “Turning Music Into Money” Album

As Music continues to cross borders, more Nigerian artists and producers are beginning to find more reasons to collaborate with their American counterparts. We have seen this on the mainstream level and now we are beginning to see this at all levels of music. The latest of such collaborations is between  Dub Bulloh; an American Rapper based in Atlanta and Apena Akeem Abiola popularly known as Akodaz; A Nigerian Afrobeat producer based in Lagos who is on the verge of going International.

These are the type of collaborations we encourage and want to see more of in 2020.

He (Akodaz) produced tracks 5,8,17 &19 on the album “Turning Music Into Money” and also featured on Track 5 titled ” Easy” alongside CHIZEEPHYZEE. “ It’s a great honor to be a part of this international album project. I got the chance to produce four songs and also getting featured on the album, this is really cool,” said Akodaz.

Here is the link to Dub Bulloh’s  album

Akodaz who is from Okota Lagos is also the winner of 2017/2019 UMA’S Awards in Atlanta, Ga U.S.A.

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