Have you Listened to Kambria Moncrief’s music?

Have you have ever seen Kambria on stage or listened to Kambria’s music? If your answer is yes, then you would understand why I may not be able to hype her enough. She is gorgeous and her music is even better.

Kambria Moncrief is a Singer, actor, dancer, and model. She hails from Ohio but has been living in Indianapolis for quite a longtime. Her singing career began in 2013, with the release of her first single on Soundcloud, Got You. Kambria captivates her listeners with soulful melodies, witty hooks, and most essentially her sexiness. She is a hybrid of different musical generations and cultures, and has self-confessed to have been highly Influenced by artists such as Michael Jackson, Iman Omari, Jill Scott, Frankie Lymon, Kendrick Lamar just to mention a few. These influences have shaped how her music sounds and how it is presented.


On top of singing and writing tracks, Kambria is also a very talented dancer. She has been trained in ballet, hip-hop, tap, and modern. Listen to Kambria Moncrief’s latest offering titled Bedroom. She is one of the artistes to watch from Indianapolis and I am really expecting her to move mountains and go places. Follow her on Instagram @Kambriamusic


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