Famous DJ CBOI – Alternative Mix

Nigeria boasts a host of amazing music genre’s highlife music, Afrobeat, Apala, Juju, Fuji, folk music, alternative music, Rap, Funk, Afro-pop and a hybrid or mix of several genres. Although Afro-beat seems to be the countries highest selling and most followed style at the moment, artists still create chart-topping singles using a combination of sounds from other genres. While Afro-beat centers on heavy percussions, fast passed beats aimed to make you move, alternative music is more thought-provoking and lyrics based good for making you relax and meditate. There is a really thin line these days in classification as many alternative songs can pass for Afrobeat songs and vice versa but generally, alternative music is not yet mainstream. Famous DJ Cboi releases an alternative mix of Nigerian and foreign songs that have made it to the top of the chats in recent times.

DJ CBOI - Alternative Mix


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