End Sars and End Police Brutality in Nigeria

The end SARS #ENDSARS protest in Nigeria has gained a lot of momentum as many Nigerians have taken to the streets in several States to protest against the Special Anti-robbery unit of the Police force (SARS) for mistreating the people and violating the basic human rights of citizens on numerous occasions. Internationally recognized individuals, brands, and organizations such as Kanye West (Good Music), Jack Dorsey (Twitter), Davido, etc have lent their voices to the struggle to end police excesses in Nigeria. Musicians have not been left out, as is the norm, music is meant to carry the message of the people and speak the language of the people hence many musicians have spoken up.

This is not the first time we have written about The Nigerian Police. There have been numerous reports of people being kidnapped and abducted against their will, extrajudicial killings, armed robbery, and theft of people’s personal effects like money, laptops, phones, etc have emerged from Africa’s most populous nation. That is why the citizens have decided to take to the streets to express their anger and disappointment at the Government for not taking appropriate actions to clamp down on members of the Special Antirobbery Unit of the police for their excesses.

Artists like Fefe Blanko, Terry Apala, and Acetune have released singles describing the ordeal the Nigerian youth is facing in the hands of the Police and the Government in general. The playlist below is dedicated to music released during the protest and that addresses the struggle.


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