Duncan Daniels set to break grounds with New Afro-beat Album titled Afro-eclectic.

Duncan Daniels album dropped on all Major platforms yesterday February 14th and our first reaction after listening to the entire album was wow! This is a landmark achievement, as we are yet to see an Afrobeat album that was made and released in the USA have as much impact as this Duncan’s album is having already. Just yesterday the album was trending on twitter and for the right reasons. The Afro-eclectic album is a 100 percent Afro-beat Album which is a surprise given the fact that Duncan Daniels, who is also known as Dunkish rock, is an artist heavily associated with rock music.

The album which is comprised of 10 songs, one Instrumental, a skit, an Intro and Outro features major acts like Korkormikor, MacK gee, Lyrikal, Lady Albatross, Speseamen A just to mention a few…

The quality of this album cannot be exaggerated, it is safe to say the Afro-eclectic album will live long on the charts, the sound quality is top-notch, the entire body of work ranging from the cover arts to the song selection and featured artist were nicely pieced together and the album has the potential to be the best Afro-beat album of 2020. The album drives you through a series of emotions as Heavy Afrobeat songs like Gbedu, Oluwa designs, Enado are sure to leave you dancing away in high spirit, while songs like Fix that, and six past six mellow it down a little while still keeping the Afrobeat elements dominant.

Afro-eclectic Album is expected to make a huge impression on the music scene across Africa, Europe, and the entire world. Listen to the lead single off the album titled Gbedu which features Tuck Tyght Rapper Mackgee, Lady Albatross, and Jamila.

Download the full album here


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