DJ Marco – Afrozouk Mix

Do you know that 29 African Countries speak French while only 24 speak English.?  That tells you how important the French-speaking African countries are to the growth and development of Africa. One may argue that English speaking African countries have taken entertainment to another level but the same could also be said for the french community. French-speaking African countries like Benin, Ivory Coast, Senegal,  have huge artists and put out music that could match or even surpass their English brothers.

DJ Marco is one of the most versatile and vast DJs in the city, by virtue of him being born in a french speaking African country and then migrating to the USA to ply his trade, he is able to mix songs from almost every country in Africa and also songs from the USA. The Ivorien was voted as the best African DJ in Indianapolis at the 2020 Afrique Entertainment Awards. This new mix titled Afrozouk is going to last a long time on your playlist



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