Ady Mob – Change your Attitude

Most African artists who ply their trade in the USA typically do so from an Afro-beat perspective. Afro-beat remains the most exploited form of African music in the United States. However, this is not to say that there are not many artists who do other forms or genres of music here in the United States. As a matter of fact, some artists who exploit alternative genres become bigger than those who try to dive into the saturated Afro-beat market. Uniqueness is often a factor that is overlooked because people want to engage in what is trending.

“Not being moved by the trend” is what attracted me to Ady Mob. These young African Rappers from Indianapolis, Indiana USA bring something unique to the table. They represent a population of young people who still listen to rap music. Their lyrics can be described as hardcore but they also still pack quite a number of good laid-back songs. The group is comprised of the founder Adykhukwu (Ghana), Kolly Bizzle (Nigeria), Yung__rc, Kvngobi, Rosegold Musik, and lastly Dakota Diaz.

As Solo artists, each member has put out a number of singles, and as a group, Ady Mob has a number of projects to its name. Listen to Change your Attitude, one of Ady Mob’s most recent releases in the market.



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