Dele’s clothing releases Varsity Jackets made with African Prints

Newly formed fashion outfit Dele’s clothing has recently released a collection of varsity jackets styled with African prints. “The idea and vision comes from tapping into cultures, and people I have experienced in the course of my life. Fashion is deeply embedded in my culture. There is an inborn knack for dressing gorgeous and this is what my brand is founded upon. Initially, we were more engrossed in creating native African designs but with my venture into the United states our style and mission statement evolved. With the USA offering more varieties in fashion due to varying climatic conditions and a plethora of cultures, I developed an interest in fashion beyond my initial scope. My updated mission is now to apply my culture, experiences and perspective to create fashion trends in the USA and beyond. The kind of fashion that will be worn across cultures” the CEO Kayode said…

Just incase you have been wondering what “Ankara” is – Ankara, also known as “African prints” “Holland wax” and “Dutch wax”, is a 100% cotton fabric with vibrant patterns. It is usually a colorful cloth and is primarily associated with Africa because of its beautiful tribal-like patterns and motifs.




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