AFRICANS IN THE DIASPORA – Tobi Babarinsa Aderibigbe

The general opinion is that Africans in Diaspora become a problem to the society they Immigrate to. This narrative is often boosted by the media. I will not conclude that this opinion is completely false, as there may be some truth to it, but the problem is that no one seems to talk about the numerous achievements accomplished by Africans in foreign lands neither do they recognize the immense contributions done by well-meaning Africans who live in diaspora.

We only remember the bad guys.

African immigrants have been at the forefront of many establishments, driven many businesses, and founded a lot of ideas in Europe and America.  It is our duty to find and publicize some of these people.

One of such Africans who is contributing a whole lot to the entertainment industry in Indianapolis is Tobi Babarinsa. Tobi hails Lagos Nigeria. He was born into a family of five and is currently a student of pharmacy at IUPUI. Asides from being a student of Pharmacy, Tobi also doubles as an international supermodel ( talk of beauty and brains).  He has walked the runway at many Major events in the UNITED STATES and he is expected to be one of the leading male models emerging from Indianapolis in a few years.

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