Africans in the Diaspora – Have you checked out Ada by Vanessa?

The general opinion is that African Immigrants come to foreign countries to cause a nuisance. The notion is that people come to the USA to take from the society without having any contributions to give back. This false narrative is often boosted by the media. The ones who found businesses, excel in sports, or go ahead to become leaders in their respective industries are often claimed as indigenes of these foreign countries but the bad ones are splashed all over the media as being foreigners, in this case African Immigrants.

Africa is only credited with the bad eggs.

The truth is that, Africa suffers a massive brain drain because the ones who leave the continent are amongst the brightest. Africa suffers a lot of problems and may not necessarily provide the infrastructure needed for these very talented people to succeed. This frustrates talented people, and coupled with the promises of a better life in foreign countries, they leave on a massive scale.

Many of Immigrants come here with an enormous amount of potential, and given the freedom and opportunity the USA offers , they start to excel in their respective business of choice. Immigrants have been at the forefront of many establishments, driven many businesses, and founded a lot of ideas in Europe and America.  It is our duty to find and publicize some of these people.

Today, we will like to shed the spotlight on Vanessa O’Brien, the creative Director of Ada by Vanessa, She is a fledging Fashion designer who has taken the world by storm. I first heard of her last year when I attended a local fashion show here in Indiana and I left amazed and in awe of her fabric, prints and her collection. Ada focuses mainly on The African story, highlighting different cultures with her clothing pieces, inspiring women to be more confident and happy in their womanhood. With every piece she intends to make women feel as beautiful as ever. Check out photos of her most recent runway event and some of her most loved creations.

You can visit her webpage to view more pictures and order your designs. You should also check-out her Instagram page @

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