Rhythm and Poetry Thursdays – Dec 2018 Edition

Indianapolis is blossoming into an Entertainment destination . The city is comprised of people from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures . This blend has resulted in a unique cultural environment and most of all, a thriving arts and culture industry . It is a perfect blend of people , cultures and experiences.

A few years ago, there was hardly any events of note, fast forward today , there are a number of companies and individuals taking the initiative to exploit this unique environment .

Located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis is the beautiful Phiri Art Gallery ; a creative hub for all things cultural. Phiri Art Gallery is lined with some of the world’s most beautiful, original pieces.

Rhythm & Poetry Thursdays is the brainchild of Phiri Art Gallery. It was created to showcase art, music, and entertainment from all over the world. So, if you ever find yourself in Indianapolis needing a place to interact and meet some of the most artistic people in Indianapolis, you now know where to visit .

The next Rhythm & Poetry event is 1/3/19. Get tickets here

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