The Re-Invention of Blackface Naija

Many things have been said about blackfaceNaija in recent times, especially as the case between his former groupmate Tubaba Idibia continues to heat up. The two were part of a group called Plantashun Boiz who in the 90s brought smiles on people’s faces. I was in High school at the time when their singles were all over the airwaves in Nigeria. We were all miming their songs and we would use the lyrics to the songs to make passes at females. At least i was…


After enjoying unprecedented success together, Plantashun Boiz which also included a third member faze, had to go their separate ways. Life after Plantashun Boiz came with its ups and downs. They enjoyed individual successes here and there but members of the group are still battling the effects of that split. It is no longer news that Blaqface and Tubaba got into a tug of war about the ownership of African queen, the song that gave Tubaba his international breakthrough.

Blackface said he was not credited for the parts of the song he wrote and that the song was used without his permission. Tubaba on the other hand claim that no part of the song was written by blackface. I recently met up with BlackfaceNaija, and he shared his version of African Queen produced by Nelson Brown, Plantashun Boiz original producer as at the time the group was still around. His version of African queen is also a masterpiece but sounds very different from that of Tubaba although there are still similarities. He also shared Collabo, Badder than them, two hot tracks that he has just recently released.

Kudos to BlackfaceNaija for re-inventing himself even in the face of controversy. Regardless of what happens with Tubaba and the rest of the Legendary Planttashun boys team, BlackfaceNaija still remains a Legend and should be treated as such.

Check the video to Badder than them below.


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