Illgod & Xplain D Don – King Jaja Bars

Hip-hop in Nigeria is a controversial topic. Everyone has an opinion about what Hip-hop should sound like. In my opinion, there is no formula but the fact is that music should sound good regardless of its genre.

King Jaja Bars by illgod & xplain is one song I recommend Hip-hop heads in Nigeria listen to. In my opinion, this is what African Hip-hop should sound like. I am a believer that Africans should tell their story through their art, music, painting, or movies. The fact that we have left our history to foreigners to document is disgusting. This is the reason I am not a fan of the Wakanda movie. The narrative of that movie did not develop in the mind of an African child. It is the narrative of people who have never stepped foot in Africa or those who have an ulterior motive. An African child does not imagine a superhero to be a person dressed in a cape or suit and mask. These are the concepts of foreign media outlets. Superheroes in Africa are in the form of Princess Amina, Jaja of Opobo, Fela, Sango, Amardioha, Ebubedike, Yaa Asantewa, Haile Selassie, etc. The movie also insinuates that African nations need the help of the CIA to solve problems. There is no reason for an African nation to depend on the CIA to defend itself against any foreign body, we also do not need to educational centers in foreign lands. These movies always seem to promote falsehood about African nations. The producers of Wakanda claimed the movie is fictional, but then proceed to mention a place like “ Sambisa forest ”. My problem with this is, like coming to America starring Eddie Murphy, American movies make people conceive false ideas of Africa and hide behind the fact that it is fictional or they exaggerate the problems in Africa in the name of fiction. Why do you mix reality with fiction? Perhaps to blur the fine line between reality and lies? These views are totally false, unacceptable, and very bad publicity for Africa.

I have no problems with Foreigners expressing their opinions about Africa in their art, but the problem is Africans should be aware of these foreign narratives and realize they have a duty to counter these perspectives when they arise. We need to tell our own story.  Can you Imagine reading or watching the African narrative of Slavery or Colonization devoid of European influences or narratives? It will be way different from what we see on TV.



This is a good example of telling your story in your art. When you write a song about your history, present political climate, or experiences, it never really gets old. People will continue to make references to these events. illgod and Xplain D Don are aware of this fact and they exploit it in all of their tracks. Although the general opinion is that the days of Boom-bap hip-hop are behind us, illdagod will always remind us of its glory days.

His new offering is titled King Jaja Bars, after King Jaja of Opobo (full name: Jubo Jubogha; 1821–1891) . Jaja is a real Superhero, he helped his community fight back against the oppressive British government. A merchant prince and the founder of Opobo city-state in an area that is now the Rivers state of Nigeria King Jaja was born in Umuduruoha, Amaigbo, in Igboland and was sold into slavery at about the age of twelve.

Jaja proved his aptitude for business at an early age, earning his way out of slavery; he also dominated the Palm oil trade and was a real superhero because he resisted the British from controlling his people until he was arrested, exiled, and poisoned.

I dominate beats like Jaja dominated the oil trade.




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