Have you heard of Rik Artsenz ?

Belect tagged me to a post some days back. The post read “ My boy is a sure ‘hot head’ this track here is super nice. Just one listen and u will get me.”

I said oya nah , i am going to listen at my free time . You already know that i am always looking for new amazing talents .

Today i hit the link to his soundcloud and the first song i listened to is Hot Head .



My first reaction was Damn! This dude’s delivery is special. His attitude is up there with the greats and his vibe is lively . Very interesting, so i paid a little more attention to his lyrics and the message he was passing across. I am like Damn! dude has got shit to say.

I am a real hiphop head and i fucks with rappers who can tell me things i learn about their experiences and immediate enviroment. Real talk is priceless , and a rapper must know how to tell his side of the story. Having said this , the song that finished work for me is Cry. Deep reality-based music .



Cry questions the fairness of life in general. Is life reallyfair?? why do some people’s cross seem heavier than others? Why do people find themselves in trouble or situations they know nothing about while others seem to get good results they do not seem to deserve? It is really a deep song and some of the questions asked are the same questions i ask myself on a daily. He also pays tribute to some notable people who have lost their lives. I do not want to say too much , Y’all should give this young intelligent rapper from Nigeria a Listen. Thank me later like i Thanked B-Elect.


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