Dtwinz Cargo USA opens branch in Ondo State Nigeria

The DtwinZ Cargo services have opened a branch of their logistics company in Ondo State Nigeria to add to their already existing branches in the USA, Lagos, and Ibadan. This is a move to cater to the high volume of goods and items that ship to the southwestern state on a regular basis. The CEO of the company Ibrahim Salami insists that customers from that part of the country (Nigeria) go through a lot of hassle to convey their goods from their Lagos office to Ondo State. “Now, with the new branch opened people can conveniently pick-up their goods at our location in Ondo city.” He also said that the company is looking to open more branches in the USA and the Eastern part of Nigeria.

4703 W 30th St, Indianapolis, IN 46222

With years of experience in handling and delivering Cargo, DTwinz Cargo provides an on-time, reliable and secure way to shipping items via flight and container to and from Nigeria. Shipments to Nigeria leave every Friday and Shipments from Nigeria to USA are scheduled based on needs.

Call the offices today at

USA ; 3175315543, 3179984513
Lagos  ; +2348029557676
Ibadan; +2349012587213
Ondo; +2347018277101

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