Dear Husband Written and Produced by Aderonke Moyinlorun now streaming on Amazon Prime.

Leaving one’s home country to a place like the United States could be a very daunting task. A lot of people are not able to cope with the change, and at the end become a shadow of their previous selves when they get her. These societies are very different in terms of values, cultures, economy, or tradition and it easy to be lost in the system. To most, it is as good as starting all over again. Even the most talented people struggle. Settling down takes a lot of time, and one has to be mentally prepared for such a journey. These early struggles are often the reason why many creatives have abandoned their talents in pursuit of financial stability in the USA. That is why we have reserved special recognition for Aderonke Moyinlorun, a strong woman who has had to battle many challenges in the United States to make a mark.

Aderonke Moyinlorun left Nigeria in her teens to study at the University of Indiana. Everything did not go as planned. One thing led to another and she left college briefly to pursue her talents in order to raise money to fund her education. Aderonke discovered early in life that she could write great stories, so she decided to pay more attention to that gift. Some of her books like When love hurts, After dark, I choose you, and the promise we made, which primarily focuses on social issues like love, marriage, rape, infidelity, and sometimes crime, are now best sellers on Amazon and helped her return to college.

Aderonke founded a company called “Starling Empire”, and incorporated film production into her line of work.  “This was something I have always wanted to do”, she said. “I have always wanted to bring my books to live and I will be fulfilled to see my stories air on some of the biggest platforms in the world. A lot of people have told me that my books will make great movies because when they read them it feels like they can see and feel the characters in the movie. For them, it is almost the same experience as watching a movie. it’s like I am painting a picture in their heads”.

Aderonke’s first movie Dear Husband directed by Bayo Alawiye is out and is already doing very well as market leaders Amazon have partnered with her to show the movie on Amazon prime – One of the world’s largest markets for buying, selling and renting movies. This is a great achievement given that this is only her first movie and she only just started.

Dear husband centers around Steve and Funmilola, a happily married couple who seem to be a match made in heaven until a past mistake, in form of an old flame, and pressure from friends test their commitment to each other. Dear Husband tells a heartwarming tale of love and how loss can bring about forgiveness.


Her next movie is already in the works as she has started to invest the revenue that is being generated from “Dear husband” on her next project. Her coming movie is titled “OUT OF HER MIND” and production is ongoing, watch out for that also. Ronke should be commended for pushing the culture in the USA, not only because she makes movies that entertain and educate us but also because through her business and production company she is employing local actors and giving them a platform. Follow her on Instagram @authoraderonke


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