Phlowetry – Marmalade

Have you been looking for a female Emcee from west Africa that will blow you away with her lyrics and delivery? Look no further, she is right here!

Phlow is a Nigeria based emcee who started penning rhymes as an outlet of expression.
Born as Stephanie Asuai Eyime, African female lyricist and songwriter, Phlow is carving her own niche in a male-dominated hip hop music genre. She has been a mainstay in most cyphers especially that of Hennessy, holding her own against the male competition. Presently, she has 5 EPs to her credit, “Mind, Body & Phlow” “Asuai: A Mini EP”, Asuai Vol.2 and Gloria EP, a handful of singles “Phlowetic Justice”, “Love It or Not” and “Str8up” was featured on top music sites such as, HipHopDX, 2Dopeboyz, Egotripland, Elle magazine(France) amongst others.

Her most recent body of work MARMALADE is sleek with an urban feel. Each song on this 6-track EP, true to the most succinct and literal definition of the word “marmalade”, is an alternative jam; individually implanted by Phlowʼs creative genius – promising to indeed germinate and sprout novelty in the African hip-hop space. The disruptive project, produced and engineered entirely by Alpha Ojini, seduces the listener into syncing with the different rhythmic patterns used to paint lyrical pictures in ways that are rarely well-executed, especially in the world of Nigerian hip-hop. The project flaunts the combination of lyricism and melody almost perfectly, effectively wearing its definitive cloak of being a collection of “alternative jams” – proof of Phlowʼs growth and evolution, as well her ingenuity and deftness in churning out equally evolved art. “MARMALADE” features some of the best-known talents in Nigerian music today. With a combination of brilliant song ideas as well as dustings of humor in the skits, the result is a truly cohesive African hip-hop project – bound to appeal to fans and critics alike.

Listen to Marmalade below


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