Papyfire Releases New Firetape “The Champ”

We already know that when Papyfire announces new music, he means good music. He is like Virgil van Dijk, the surprise champion of the game, that is why I believe that the title of the album “The Champ” does, in fact, suit the project.

The project has a heavy TRAP feel but also comprises songs with an afrobeat vibe Afrobeat. What I particularly love about the album is how samples are used to convey different messages, some of which sound really inspirational.


“Firetape is a series of many projects we will be put out moving forward, it’s a place were I express my deepest imaginations and my immediate reality. My team called this tape “The Champ” based on their experience grinding and winning with me every day, I never say NO to a challenge. We all have to constantly strive to be Champions, that’s literally the only way to improve our industry and society as a whole. The Champ is one of many fire tapes to come, we are also releasing some afrobeat, dancehall and other genres including another EP before the end of the year. As long as I have a voice, you will always hear from the champ”.

I recommend you listen to it and also leave a comment below.

Papyfire – The champ

Track list

1) The Champ
2) Fired up (released earlier)
3) Cocaine
4) Oja
5) Flames

Download full project

Production credit: All songs were written, produced, mixed and mastered by Papyfire (Ibidapo-Obe Oluwaseun).


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