Popular Monday Morning Motivator Sugarbeast a.k.a Ji Masun drops a new single titled Sugar

I sat down to talk to popular comedian and online motivational speaker Sugarbeast a.k.a Monday morning motivator. In that conversation, he revealed to me how he had been planning to branch out to music. He said that he was on the verge of dropping some singles and also in the process of making videos for those singles. I asked him why he decided to venture into music since he is already doing very well in the niche he has carved out for himself on Instagram. “ Change is constant,” he said. People need to re-invent themselves, branch out, and get involved in other things from time to time. I totally agree with him and I was really impressed by the songs he unleashed in my tympanic membrane via his headsets and mobile device.

sugar daddy

This week one of such singles finally dropped. The title is Sugar featuring DJ K.O and beats by BigH. it is definitely a song to keep on your playlist as it is full of motivational quotes. Ji Masun continuously yelled out on the song. It is a popular saying in the Nigerian community which translates into WAKE UP, DON’T SLEEP! meaning wake up and hustle, Join Sugarbeast this weekend as he performs his new single for the first time in Chicago at the SARKODIE MIDWEST CONCERT IN CHICAGO.

Buy Sugar on iTUNES


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